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About us

Who we are

The Hess Family
Patriot Financial

Patriot Financial Inc was created to provide financing solutions and customer service experiences second to none in the mortgage industry for all homeowners. Patriot Financial Inc has three main objectives it strives to achieve on every transaction.

  • To obtain a customized mortgage for our clients by utilizing our knowledge of the products available with our partnership of many lenders, both big and small.

  • To make sure that the loan process is as quick and hassle free as possible ensuring a great customer service experience.

  • Lastly to absolutely handle your situation with an up front and honest approach where the quotes you get in the beginning match the paperwork you sign in the end. We aren't looking to create a one and done relationship, we want to be your lender for life.

Overall, we view our company as a one stop shop for all types of mortgages for people from all walks of life.

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Process overview

Our simple home loan process


Before house hunting, potential buyers should get pre-approved for a mortgage. This involves submitting financial information to a lender who then evaluates credit history, income, debts, and assets to determine your loan terms.

Loan Application

Once pre-approved, buyers can start looking for a home within their budget. After finding a property and agreeing on the price, they formally apply for a mortgage. This step requires updated detailed financials and documentation.

Lock Rate

When you lock in a rate, you and the lender agree to a specific interest rate for your mortgage. This rate remains unchanged irrespective of market fluctuations during the lock period. The lock-in period usually ranges from 15 to 60 days.

Loan Processing

The lender processes the application, which includes verifying all the information provided by the applicant. They may request additional documents or clarification. During this stage, an appraisal of the property is also conducted to assess its market value.


In this critical phase, the underwriter reviews all documentation and decides whether to approve or deny the loan based on criteria like credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and property value. This is where the lender takes on the financial risk of the loan.


The final step is closing. This involves signing a variety documents that finalize the mortgage process. The buyer typically pays the closing costs, and the ownership of the property is transferred. Once this is completed, the buyer is now the new owner of the home!

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Licensed in 14 states currently


License #603E281, Loans will be arranged or made pursuit to the California financing law.


License #MB-1642


License #MB-1642


License #MBR2637


License #16761


License #MN-NO-1642

New York

License #RMB 207894, Registered mortgage broker-NYS Department of Financial Services. Arranges mortgages with 3rd party providers.

North Carolina

License #B-149996


License #ML-4352

South Carolina

License #MB-1642


License #MB-1642


License #MC-5503, Licensed by Virginia State Corporation Commission.


License #510-MD-31032

Washington DC

License #MLB1641

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